“Little Volunteers” started in 2007. Children, parents and the public have regarded it as one of the most important educational activities in China Science and Technology Museum. To promote such volunteering spirit as dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress, and also attract more children to go into the science museums, taking learning and loving science as a part of their lives, China Science and Technology Museum recruits little volunteers from the public annually, and the recruitment are published through newspaper, television, network and broadcast (visit the official website of China Science and Technology Museum for the specific time of recruitment). Those who are selected will be trained with the resources inside and outside the Museum in pronunciations, etiquette and scientific knowledge of exhibits by experienced professional tutors. All who pass the assessment will become “Little Volunteers” of the Museum. Their task is to take part in the regular voluntary tour guides in the Museum in their spare time, and the annual working hours should be no less than 30 hours.

  Application Requirements:

  1.Age 8-11

  2.Residence in Beijing and physically healthy

  3.Interested in science and voluntary work

  4.Good communication, expression and organization

  5.Self-disciplined and teamwork-minded, guarantee to fulfill the training and service work punctually

  6.Guardian’s consent

  Recruitment time: visit the official website of China Science and Technology Museum.