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China Science and Technology Museum (No.5, Beichen East Road,Chaoyang District) is located in the central area of Olympic Park, with the Asian Olympic residence area sitting on the east; the Olympic water system sitting on the west; the Main Olympic Stadium on the south and the Forest Park on the north, covering an area of 48 thousand m2 and the construction scale is 102 thousand m2. It is one of the most important parts in the central area of Olympic Park expressing the conception of “Green Olympics; Technology Olympics and Humanity Olympics”. China Science and Technology Museum is the only national comprehensive science museum in China and also the large-scale science population base to carry out the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education and the strategy of invigorating China through human resource development, as well as improving citizen’s science disposition. The supporting facilities include multifunctional convention center, reporting hall, the temporary exhibition hall, meeting rooms, VIP room, the west\east open air square, dining hall, shopping center and parking lot, etc. Also we have 4 special-effect theaters of Motion, 4D, Giant Screen and Dome. China Science and Technology Museum is dedicated to be the world first-class science population venue. All social groups are welcome to hold meetings, exhibitions and all kinds of activities.

Introduction to Supporting Facilities

1. Multifunctional Hall

450 m2 with a seating capacity of 250. Tables and chairs can be set according to various needs. This hall is gifted with an elegant environment and a unique taste. It’s luckily far from interruption because of the relatively isolated location. It is fashionably decorated and equipped with high standard projectors, stereo sets and simultaneous interpretation,etc.The network is advanced enough to support live online shows. The interior lighting system is very complete, with the following lighting and stage lamp for different visual effect,making it suitable for all kinds of activities like academic communication,reporting presentation,celebration,press and new product release meeting,etc.

2. Lecture Hall

700 m2 with a seating capacity of 430. It is luxuriously decorated with the first-class facilities. The speech video transport system,simultaneous interpretation meeting speech systems are all international famous brand. The screen is 10 meters multiply 3 meters and the multimedia projector can support various play mode, realizing different play effect. The highest level of stage equipment, progressive lighting and stereo set can support the high standard conventions as well as large scale academic discussion, launch events, theater festival and high level business conference.

3. Temporary Exhibition Hall

Apart from 5 regular exhibition halls, there is another temporary exhibition hall, covering an area of 2300 m2. The hall is equipped with imported professional lighting system and advanced security system. It’s capable to hold exhibitions, press conferences and buffet receptions.

4. VIP Room

Over 60 m2 with a seating capacity of 20. It is elegantly decorated with comfortable and modern furniture, which allows the distinguished guests to rest.

5. Meeting Room

150 m2 with a seating capacity of over 30. With high standard, elegant and formal decoration, the Meeting Room is facilitated with interior projector and stereo sets, etc. It is suitable for miniature conference discussion, group discussion, VIP reception and media interview, etc.

6. East Square

1200 m2 with a broad landscape and vision. It can hold activities for over 500 people, for example product exhibition, all kinds of evening parties, special gala shows, enterprise annual meeting, business celebration, new product release, etc.

7. West Square

Located outside the West Gate of China Science and Technology Museum, with the Olympic water system sitting on the west, the Bird Nest and Water Cube on the south and the Forest Park on the north, it takes up an area of 2600 m2 (64 m in length and 40 m in width). It’s a large scale open air granite square with a big outdoor screen, which is suitable for large scale outdoor activities, like product presentation show, various galas, special gala shows, enterprise annual meeting, business celebration, new product release, etc.

8. East Hall

250 m2 and suitable for middle and small sized exhibitions. It has been the first choice of all kinds of short time exhibition and educational activities.

9. Giant Screen Theatre

The Giant Screen Theatre is one of the most advanced theatres in the world with the largest screen in the world. The screen is 29.58 meters long and 22m high. The Theatre is capable of 632 seats and equipped with special seats for the disabled. The specially designed big slope seats allow visitors a non-obstruction view. The special wave-ring playing technology makes the movie proceed fluently along the horizontal level, thus the stability of the picture is beyond any conventional regulations. The super stereo system of 6 channels include super low channel, steps over the plain 5.1 channel system. The specially designed sound source balance system guarantees the same sound volume and quality for every place inside the theatre. Here applies single and plural camera lens, when the audience take the especial glasses, the image will produce intense stereoscopic via the polarization of light, making you feel like things are just in front of you and you can even touch them. The huge scene theatre gives you a true and incomparable watching experience, feeling the enjoyment of science and art the high tech brings to you。The huge screen movies: ;

10. Dome Theatre

China Science and Technology Museum possesses the world’s most advanced facilities for dome screen movie projecting and planetarium demonstrating. It’s the world’s largest dome screen theatre, capable of 442 seats and equipped with the seats for the disabled. The Theatre applies 70mm 15 holes cine film with fish eye lens, exceeding the average perception of mankind. 30m diameter ball screens with the stereo effect of 6 channels. The super-human perspective and realistic encircle effect bring the audience intense listening and visual shock and incorporative art enjoyment. The Theatre is equipped with comfortable chairs and the whole seats slopes 30 degree, giving the effect of looking up to the sky and creating the more intensive feeling than being in the scenery which is incomparable by other movie technologies. The Dome screen movies: A World All Its Own and Alps

11. Motion Theatre

Motion Theatre introduces the most advanced motion devices including three set of motion cabin-seat platforms, two projectors that can work simultaneously and 5.1 channel surround stereo sound. The theatre can accommodate 60 audiences. When the audience is watching the movie, the motion platform with six degrees of freedom will move synchronously with the picture to simulate rises and falls, making your body move coordinately with the plot as if you were taking an exciting spaceship journey. With motion seats, stereo images and first-class sound effect, you will experience stone shower coming towards, adorable animals poking their heads out, butterflies fluttering by and stopping at the tip of your nose. Motion Theatre prepares a rich audio-visual feast for you and will take you on a thrilling adventure. Movies: Comet Collision, Mission to Mars.

12.4D Theatre

China Science and Technology Museum applies 4D special effects HD digital stereo movie playing system and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. The theatre can accommodate 198 audiences. On the basis of 3D stereo movies, 4D movies add all kinds of environmental special effects such as shaking, fog, rain, snow, wind, lightning, smell, bubbles and so on. The co-operation between special effects control system and movie plots and the polarized 3D glasses that the audiences are wearing will bring vivid stereoscopic images to the audience. 4D theatre manages to merge auditory, visual, olfactory and tactile sensation perfectly, enables you an immersive sense of participation and leaves you an endless amazing aftertaste.

13. Catering

Western restaurant – Big Pizza in China Science and Technology Museum

Big Pizza is an Italian restaurant serving popular western foods. Covering more than 500 m2,it can accommodate more than 300 people. It serves pizza buffet mainly, concurrently providing deserts and catering service. Customers can enjoy more than one hundred of delicacy without limit. Romantic casual atmosphere and attentive services will make you feel at home! Phone Number: 59041324

Chinese restaurant

Chinese restaurant is located on the ground floor in the Museum (beside the Life Spiral). The restaurant is of a modern compact style and has an elegant comfortable environment. Covering nearly 400 m2, it can accommodate 200 people, mainly serving Chinese food buffet with various kinds and flavors. In addition, different kinds of delicious food and drinks are also provided for you to choose.

Phone Number: 59041322

14. Parking

The Museum provides exclusive parking lot for conferences with 24 hours’ specific services which can accommodate 10 large coaches, 200 small cars. Visitors will enjoy a safe, ordered and convenient parking environment. Contact person: Miss Zhu & Miss Li

Phone Number: 59041425、59041289

Note: Movies above are for reference only, subject to the actual projection. Please check the online information if needed.