Special Effect Theatres

Science Fan Club

China Science and Technology Museum-founded Movie Fan Club (“Movie Fan Club” for short) provides all popular movie lovers with platforms of special -effect movies watching, appreciating, studying and exchanging. The club regularly organizes a series of activities such as popular movie preview conferences, special-effect movies tours, and the first looks at the new movies. Additionally, the members have the opportunity to become the public judges of the Special-Effect Movie Festival. The member recruitment is ongoing. Looking forward to your joining. Let’s experience the magic charm of the special-effect movies!

1. Membership Conditions

1.1 Up from 10 years old.

1.2 Strong interests in the special-effect movie.

1.3 Productive in movie reviews and willing to share watching experience

2. Membership Program

2.1 Application method

Log on the official website of China Science and Technology Museum and fill out the application form for membership online.

2.2 Verification

China Science and Technology Museum meets the conditions of the audit.

3. Members’ Rights and Obligations

3.1 participate in the free watching activities regularly held by the Science Fan Club

3.2 become the public judge of the Special-Effect Movie Festival

3.3 participate in related activities of choosing movies

3.4 write reviews or feelings about the movies regularly

3.5 obey the administrative regulations of China Science and Technology Museum Science Fan Club

4. Membership Management

4.1 The Science Fan Club does not charge fees for members.

4.2 Membership is valid for one year.

4.3 Members should write not less than 3 reviews or feelings about the movies, not less than 300 words each.

4.4 Members who do not participate in activities as promised three times would be deprived of their membership.