Special Effect Theatres

Giant Screen Theatre

The Giant Screen Theatre of China Science and Technology Museum is one of the biggest theatres on earth. Its screen is 30 meters wide and 22 meters high. The theatre can accommodate 632 spectators and has seats for the disabled. The specially designed large slope theatre seats guarantee everyone with barrier-free visual perception. The unique wavy ring into the chip technology makes the movie operate along the horizontal direction like waves, hence, the stability of the picture exceeds any conventional standard greatly. The six-channel super audio system includes subwoofer channel, which surpasses the most advanced 5.1 track system for normal theatres. In addition, the sound source equilibrium system, specially designed for the theatre, allows every place in the theatre have the same volume and timbre. The theatre employs single double lens. In this case, when viewers wear special stereo glasses, the picture has so strong stereoscopic effects through the principles of polarization of the light that the picture seems palpable to the viewers. The Giant Screen theatre really does confront you with the very clear picture, and the enjoyment of science and art brought by the high-tech.