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Science & Technology and Life is located on the third floor of the main hall, and is composed of Hall A, B, C and D. Closely related with food, clothing, housing and transportation, the hall demonstrates how modern technology affects and changes people’s daily life, as well as the innovation and development of science and technology that come from life.

Hall A is divided into three areas, respectively Origin of Clothing and Food, Road of Health and Journey of Meteorology. Origin of Clothing and Food is designed with circumstances of agricultural life and country scenery, presenting the status quo of Chinese agriculture, leading visitors to reflect on agricultural issues. Road of Health leads visitors to understand health correctly and proposes healthy life styles with a form of combing human body’s environment and living environment. Journey of Meteorology presents changing meteorological phenomena, different observational devices, productions of weather forecast and relationships between weather and people’s daily life, surrounding the idea of “public meteorology, safe meteorology, resourcing meteorology”.

Way of Living in Hall B demonstrates furniture, electrical appliances, clothing fabrics, as well as processing technology and green residence, introducing technologies in daily life to visitors.

Bridge of Information in Hall C mainly demonstrates developing progress of information technology, and the changes and influence information technology brings on people’s life.

Hall D is divided into two areas, Convenience of Transportation and Ingenuity of Machinery. Employing circumstance design, illustration of mechanism and manipulative interaction, the hall demonstrates technological achievements of transportation and machinery in a vivid and direct way.