Permanent Exhibitions

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The permanent exhibitions, with the themes of innovation and harmony, aim to inspire people’s interest in science and enlighten scientific concepts. They are designed with hand-on experiences to learn sciences through interaction. The exhibitions lead people to explore and discover sciences.

The exhibitions present China’s important achievements of science and technology across history and their effects on the development of economy, society and civilization; the interaction and blend of ancient Chinese civilization and global civilization; the way of scientific development in which China endeavors to promote harmony through innovation. The exhibitions present the beauty of harmony in the law of nature; the basic laws of movement in material world and their interrelations; the hard process in which humans deepen their knowledge about the law of nature through scientific and technological innovation. The exhibitions present contents which reflect the interrelations of science and technology, economy and society the most, represent the orientation of scientific and technological development the most in the process of human development; the immense effect of scientific and technological innovation in changing human lives, boosting economic development, promoting social progress and opening a bright future. The exhibitions present contents closely related with issues of resource, environment, ecology and sustainable development; interrelations of human, science, technology and nature; scientific outlooks on resource, environment and ecology.