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Challenges and the Future is located on the fourth floor of the main hall, composed of Hall A and B. It mainly presents major problems and challenges humans are faced with, contributions of technological innovation to the sustainable development, and people’s imagination of the future life. Through the thread of challenge—solution—future, it arises people’s attention to the sustainable development by mentioning major challenges the world is faced with; it demonstrates technological innovation and application in important realms that influence the process of human society development; it encourages people to face the challenges positively and create a harmonious future.

Hall A is divided into three areas, respectively Narration of the Earth, World of Energy and New Material. It introduces to visitors various environmental problems and crises the earth is faced with, as well as technological achievements of the exploitation of new resource and application of new materials in reply to various crises.

Hall B is divided into four areas, respectively Genetic Life, Exploitation of the Ocean, Exploration of Space and Striding towards Future. It introduces to visitors genetic engineering, the ocean and exploitation of ocean resources, technological achievements of spatial exploration and imagination of the development of future technology.

An Energy Laboratory which demonstrates low-temperature liquid nitrogen experiment and the phenomenon of superconducting magnetic suspension is set in Hall A. An Ocean Stage which holds experimental performance on the theme of the characteristics of water is set in Hall B.