Educational Activities



The Science Popularization Activity Room and Laboratory are located at the fifth floor, including three theme-teaching rooms on mechanization, production, and multi-media respectively. With an area of 300 m2, the laboratory is equipped with nearly 200 sets of equipment such as computers, 3D printers, and micro machine tools. The Laboratory can be divided into three different laboratories with experimental equipment related to biosciences or environmental protection technology. With the advanced equipment mentioned above, visitors can carry out some elementary experiments and some inquiry learning.

You may join these activities through online reservation. Since its opening in August 2011, more than 50 kinds of individual or group activities have been carried out. By the end of 2014, the Laboratory has received over 20,000 young visitors. We've been fairly praised for the high quality teaching, large activity varieties, and serious and loving attitude in teaching.

We're constantly adding more interesting activities into our program. There are iconic activities like "Little Engineers", "Life Sciences Club", winter and summer camps with the theme "loving the Technology Museum", little programmers etc. In the meantime, we are cooperating with education institutions, promoting the electives regarding science and technology museum and inquiry learning in the secondary school so that students may be have an all-rounded education when learning how to be innovative.

In the future, the laboratory will not only broaden the youngsters' horizons, but also serve as a communication platform for science enthusiasts. This would be playing a leading role in popularizing science and technology.