Educational Activities

Introduction and Reservation


The Lecture Room is a science popularization activity, meeting different level of demands, free of charge. It includes such science conversation activities as Science Talk Show, Special-Effect Movie Appreciation, Science Salon, and etc.

These activities are enriched with the hot topics, the knowledgeable academicians and scholars from home and abroad, along with the professional science interpretation. It will surely bring the public new insights regarding sciences.

Lecture Room takes place at the lecture room on the first floor at 10 am every Sunday. This may be subjected to change, in which notices will be issued in the official website. You may subscribe to our Weibo and Wechat page under the same name of our website.

Lecture Room is free of charge. You can make your reservation via:

1. Official website of China Science and Technology Museum (

2. Sina Weibo

3. Wechat official page:

4. If you have no web assess or want a visit in group, please dial 010-59041059


Welcome to the Lecture Room! To ensure a pleasant atmosphere for all, please keep in mind the following rules:

1. Please arrive 10 minutes before the lecture begins. You may enter the room with your name and reservation number. Late arrivals would be refused to enter.

2. Please be quiet and remain seated during the show. Do switch your mobile phones off or into silent mode.

3. Smoking is prohibited in the hall. No food and drink is allowed.

4. Audio and video recording is prohibited during the show.

5. Please take good care of your children to maintain a quiet during the show.