Educational Activities



Educational activities refer to a set of science-related activities intended to encourage public participation by providing interesting and useful information about scientific context, science phenomenon, and scientific concepts and so on. The designing and implementation of these activities mainly rely on the permanent exhibitions in the Museum, and other resources available as the special-effect movies, the information network, China Digital Science and Technology Museum, and the related social resources in science popularization.They can be specified as the Lecture Room, Science Popularization Laboratory and Science Show.

Lecture Room is a science popularization activity, meeting different levels of demand. It includes such science conversation activities as Science Talk Show, Special-Effect Movie Appreciation, Science Salon, and etc. These activities are enriched with the hot topics, the knowledgeable academicians and scholars from home and abroad, along with the professional science interpretation. It will surely bring the public new insights regarding sciences.

Science Popularization Laboratory aims at interest, interaction, experience and practice. With specially designed field and instrument, it provides youngsters with opportunities to contact with real-life science closely by science experiments, DIY activities, innovative creation, information technology, and highly intelligent robots.

Science Show includes interesting and instructive experiments, amazing science shows, interactive science play and experiments. It aims to show the public the wonders of science and the knowledge behind it in a vivid and interesting way.

There are also activities in the permanent exhibition halls. It aims to extend the meaning of the exhibits on display by instructions, demonstrations and experiments of them. By now, exhibition guidance and operation demonstration for exhibition education are arranged.